The Unburning Flame

by Calcemia

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released November 24, 2017

Calcemia is:
Devlin Baldwin - Drums / Vocals / Guitars (Tracks 1 , 6)
Jonathan Cronin - Bass / Vocals
Jake Himelfarb - Guitars / Vocals
Yuri Kondra - Lead Vocals

Track 4 composed and performed by Adam Heller

Guest vocals by Dustin James (track 2), and Dave Muntean (track 3)

Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered By Erol Ulug at Bright Lights studio

Artwork by JDW Death is My Only Friend Artworks

Logo by Turkka Rantanen


all rights reserved



Calcemia Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: De Humani Corpois Fabrica
Circular incision with a sharp knife through the forehead, temples, and occiput penetrating to the skull

Cut through with a saw remove the brain with your hands

Cut away each ear very close to the temporal bone

Free the lower maxilla from its connections with the bones of head and cut the cartilages

Like a butcher, pull out everything contained in the peritoneum

Cut the skin of the abdomen and the muscles away from the bones, catching the blood with sponges. Split the ribcage.

Lift the pectoral bone away from the throat and free it from the veins and arteries going to it

Excise the lungs with the heart and the diaphragm
divide the base of the heart transversely remove the base from the vessels that go out from it to keep the orifices undamaged

Turn over the cadaver, carve out the muscles and cartilage from the arms and the legs

Detach the pelvic bones. Scrape remaining skin with a sharp knife
Place the bones in a large cauldron, submerged completely. Boil until cleansed.

The bones of children take longer to cook

A more efficient method of preserving the bones of man
Upon my death I crave for such a fitting end

Use my skin to bind this script preserve my remains

A fitting end
Track Name: Descent Into Suffering
Holy whore mother of god tainted by the light above
Fly with me down to hell see the suffering you’ve instilled

Cherabim, Seraphim guide your way

Trapped in darkness | forever blind | they could not see | the light of god
They worshiped the sun, the moon
The beasts, reptiles, | earth and water | old gods they praised | now torment them
Corrupted into demons
A shroud of black | surrounds their world | those who denied | their master’s call
Rejected your wretched son

Now- Angels carry you to the south
Feel- Searing pain of damnation
Tread- River of flames where sinners stand
Burn- for deeds you claim unworthy

Four hundred angels guide your way

Those who were cursed by their progenitors
Those who riled in lechery
Those who consumed human flesh
Those who swore falsely on the cross

A man is hung by his heel
Devoured by worms evermore
A woman suspended by one tooth
Serpents writhe out of her gaping mouth

Onward we fly to the north
Sinners that lay immobilized
A cloud of ash engulfs their lungs
They lied and spread dissent in life

Sinister tree | atop a hill | dark jagged cliffs | fire beneath
Composed of solid iron
Iron branches | with iron thorns | dishonest thieves | and murderers
Hang impaled in agony
Now to the east | they carry you | those forsaken | now pay their due
Witness Hell’s greatest torments

Darkness perpetual spreads along ashen shores
Hung up by their fingernails women scream in pain
Those who were unfaithful disregarded all but themselves
Flames erupt from their mouths serpents torment all who try to speak their mind
Two rivers running parallel vast and vile they twist your sight
One has raging boiling waves ridden by worms
Asphyxiate eternally drowning in the depths of madness
The other waves of burning pitch crashing down upon the crucifiers of your false proclaimer dying to be worshiped

Plea- to your god for mercy
Kneel- look him in the eyes
Dread- as you are cast down
To suffer
In torment
Amongst all
His sinners
God’s vengeance
Is merciless
Track Name: Ingvar's Lament
O my brethren and warriors
O my treasured lives
How could you close your eyes
and leave me here in such misfortune
How could you disappear from my sight,
Treasures of my life

O my beautiful flowers
O my unripened vineyards
Why wont’ you speak to me, your brother
Never again will you make my life sweet
Why wont you talk with me
Why wont you look at me
How could you, fruitful gardens
Born of the same father
and from the same womb of great princess Agrippina
and fed by the same breast, forget me
For whom have you forsaken me

You did fade too early eastern stars.
You set so early my dear suns
You lie on this deserted land watched over by no one

No one renders your honor
Indeed, your days of glory have dimmed
Where is your power
You who used to be rulers of many lands
Now lie on this barren earth
and your faces darken with decay

O my dear brothers
O my dear warriors
Never again shall we share joys
O my bright lights

Why were you extinguished
I have not had enough joy with you
If god hears your prayers
Pray that i your brother might join you
After days of joy have come those of tears and sorrow
After pleasures and happiness
Have come lamenting and mourning

O, why did I not die before you
So that I would not have had to see your deaths
This is my bitter fate
Do you hear my unhappy words that fall so sadly

O mother earth
O forest of oak, lament with me
And how shall I describe these days
In which perished
So many rulers and warriors
So many brave and dashing heroes of Riazan

None returned
My tongue does not obey me
My lips close
But all drank the same bitter cup to the dregs
My sight darkens
My strength ebbs
For great is the sorrow of my soul
Track Name: Twelve Gates of Night
Words of power painted on the walls of this tomb I lie in
Awaiting the end of my final day in this plane of existence
I have learned the proper incantations

I awake in a golden flash

I am reborn as the lord of creation and time
Driving the boat of the sun as it sails the cosmic stream

I must pass through the twelve gates
Entrance of the Tuat lies ahead
Twin mountains of life and death
I pass through in the form of a beetle
Open the door to the abode of darkness
Towed by gods I am a man with a ram’s head

Serpent upon its tail standing mouth wide eyes glaring
The righteous on one side exalted blasphemers on other
Bound in chains their souls shall be hacked into pieces
Their existence shall be erased

Ahead stand two serpents their streams of flame ignite my path
I pass through the boat of the earth
Bearing those who are within

Twelve shrines before me containing the embalmed
Arms outstretched reaching out for their lord of plenty
Twelve figures stand within a boiling lake
The guardians of the green herb
Repulse Apep lords of destinies

Hours of night keep me on my shining path
Urei whose voices destroy shadow keepers of the flame
Osiris your worshippers cry out from their fetid shrines
Horus perform your magic ceremonies smite my enemies
Track Name: Tower of Silence
Soon I shall meet my end drift away from this world
Demons of death await to possess my corpse
So I must tell you now perform the sacred rights
Follow the ways of old allow my soul to rise

Lay me down on the slab in my home pray for days

Summon the Nasular carry me
To the dakhma
Heed the skies for any threat of rain should there be
Delay the journey

Never retrace your steps procession to the mountains

Tower stands high above the world far from
Earth and fire
Three rings separate its peak the outermost
is reserved for men
Middle ring is for women the outermost
for the bodies of children

Strip my corpse pull entrails out leave me bare to bake in the sun

Vultures descend from the sky consume
My rotting flesh
Through death I shall sustain life reconnect
To my maker
Decompose for a year’s time they must return
To push me into the pit

Soon I shall meet my end drift away from this world
Leave earthly possessions behind for all are equal in death
Incense and and juniper burn as you cleanse yourselves
And chant the mantra

Oh Mazda Oh righteous one
Guide me through the two worlds
Let me join unburning flame
Reveal to me the true path

Banish thee
Fiend of the brood
fiend of the body
fiend of the world

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