De Humani Corpois Fabrica

by Calcemia

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Debut single from California based death metal band, Calcemia. Lyrics adapted from book of the same title, written by Andreas Vesalius in 1543


A circular incision with a sharp knife through the forehead, temples, and occiput penetrating to the skull

Cut through with a saw remove the brain with your hands

Cut away each ear very close to the temporal bone

Free the lower maxilla from its connections with the bones of head and cut the cartilages

Like a butcher, pull out everything contained in the peritoneum

Cut the skin of the abdomen and the muscles away from the bones, catching the blood with sponges. Split the ribcage.

Lift the pectoral bone away from the throat and free it from the veins and arteries going to it

Excise the lungs with the heart and the diaphragm
divide the base of the heart transversely remove the base from the vessels that go out from it to keep the orifices undamaged

Turn over the cadaver, carve out the muscles and cartilage from the arms and the legs

Detach the pelvic bones. Scrape remaining skin with a sharp knife
Place the bones in a large cauldron, submerged completely. Boil until cleansed.

The bones of children take longer to cook

A more efficient method of preserving the bones of man
Upon my death I crave for such a fitting end

Use my skin to bind this script preserve my remains

A fitting end


released May 21, 2016
not mastered by Dan Swano



all rights reserved


Calcemia Los Angeles, California

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